High technology for uses specialised up to 1200°C

Texpack® is an european leader in the production of industrial gaskets for high temperatures and thermic isolation.

  • Textile products (filaments, sleeves, packings, insulating ropes, tapes and cloths) for thermal insulation from 200 ° C to 1200 ° C in static applications;
  • Textile products (blankets, mattresses, valve covers, compensators and specially designed textile textiles);
  • High-tech refractory and sealants;
  • A wide range of industrial gaskets for the containment of fluids, gases or liquids in particular thermal and chemical conditions;
  • Packings for pumps and valves for securing shafts, stems and housings from gas or fluid leakage for both static and dynamic applications.

In addition to the products shown on the website, the company’s technical and commercial offices are available to support and analyze customer specific requirements.